36 films where Billie Holiday is on the soundtrack
Fritz The Cat (1972) An Unmarried Woman (1978)Promises in the Dark (1979)The Thing (1982)Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986)Satisfaction (1988)Rocket Gibraltar (1988)Torch Song Trilogy (1988)Slaves of New York (1989)Harlem Nights (1989)Enemies: A Love Story (1989)The Marrying Man (1991)Switch (1991)The Rocketeer (1991)Malcolm X (1992)Forever Young (1992)The Meteor Man (1993)Schindler’s List (1993)It Could Happen to You (1994)Corrina, Corrina (1994)Forget Paris (1995)Clueless (1995)Se7en (1995Stealing Beauty (1996)The Funeral (1996)Ulee’s Gold (1997)Celebrity (1998)The Green Mile (1999)Angela’s Ashes (1999)Minority Report (2002)Two Weeks Notice (2002)The Notebook (2004)Capote (2005)Watchmen (2009)Public Enemies (2009)42 (2013)


36 films where Billie Holiday is on the soundtrack

Fritz The Cat (1972) 
An Unmarried Woman (1978)
Promises in the Dark (1979)
The Thing (1982)
Nine 1/2 Weeks (1986)
Satisfaction (1988)
Rocket Gibraltar (1988)
Torch Song Trilogy (1988)
Slaves of New York (1989)
Harlem Nights (1989)
Enemies: A Love Story (1989)
The Marrying Man (1991)
Switch (1991)
The Rocketeer (1991)
Malcolm X (1992)
Forever Young (1992)
The Meteor Man (1993)
Schindler’s List (1993)
It Could Happen to You (1994)
Corrina, Corrina (1994)
Forget Paris (1995)
Clueless (1995)
Se7en (1995
Stealing Beauty (1996)
The Funeral (1996)
Ulee’s Gold (1997)
Celebrity (1998)
The Green Mile (1999)
Angela’s Ashes (1999)
Minority Report (2002)
Two Weeks Notice (2002)
The Notebook (2004)
Capote (2005)
Watchmen (2009)
Public Enemies (2009)
42 (2013)



Edith Head holds the record for the most Oscars won by a woman: eight.

The costume designer best known for her work with Alfred Hitchcock received her B.A. from UC Berkeley and her M.A. from Stanford. Here is a short list of stars who she dressed over her 50-year career:

Mae West, Frances Farmer, Dorothy Lamour, Veronica Lake, Barbara Stanwyck, Ingrid Bergman, Loretta Young, Bette Davis, Ginger Rogers, Olivia de Haviland, Hedy Lamarr, Gloria Swanson, Elizabeth Taylor, Joan Fontaine, Carmen Miranda, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jane Wyman, Doris Day, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak, Sophia Loren, Natalie Wood, Tippi Hedren, Shirley MacLaine, Katharine Hepburn, Jill Clayburgh, and Steve Martin